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Who's going to hang out?

Who's going to hang out?

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You must try it! But no matter how! Causes of sectional cavity referring to the prevention of severe cerebral palsy, although the female body must be capable of conveying the cadaver without having to have more severe cerebral palsy.

Who's going to hang out?

Nowadays, when not every second in a Hungarian hospital gives birth to a woman's cup, it seems an irrelevant question whether anyone can naturally give birth to their baby. However, anyone who has undergone this procedure knows that there is no insignificant request. Dams are graded according to their severity, and skin-only lesions rarely require treatment. The deeper cracks should be sutured immediately, sometimes penetrating the skin and touching the muscles. This should be avoided by a barrier incision, which is mostly equivalent to a second degree of incision because it also involves muscle.But is sectional protection really effective?
Dr. Dakany Bgnes is a midwife according to research, this is not confirmed. - I myself had seen the barrier that had been broken during my visits, which was, or had just been, incised.

How common?

In Hungary, for the first time, parents considered it almost everywhere routine intervention, but in recent years its frequency has decreased significantly. If you can believe the statistics, you are currently around parent women accomplish 70 percent. The International Initiative for Maternal Baby-Friendly Birth Control, which is considered to be very generous by many parents The rate of such interventions could be reduced below 5 percent.Doctor is a doctor of about 2 percent who has performed a cut. "I've always worked in a hospital where it was accepted that even a mother who had a first child had a way to protect her. So I learned this myself, and I gave birth to both of my children. I was surprised One of the parents I work with has been anxious to do the intervention because she was so relieved when it came to her, and she didn't bother to force it. somebody is trying to help with the incision. "

What does science say?

Gauging permission dr. K. Hartmann A comparative analysis published in 2005 does not support this, in which the effects of sectioning are examined in several respects. Twenty-two surveys were conducted between the mid-1950s and 2004, and found that those who had undergone a sectional section appeared in the same way. urinary retention difficulty And a symptoms of pelvic floor muscle relaxation (at the age at which this occurs) as those who do not undergo such intervention.Also, they have not proven to prevent this from occurring. sexual life pain or gravity, and as it turns out, the healed wound does not heal faster than spontaneous bruising.

Which helped you avoid it

Tбjйkozуdбs: First and foremost, you depend on the helper (doctor, nurse) who gives you relief and rarely cuts. It is also worth inquiring about hospital practice as the view of the chief physician also influences the incidence of surgical incisions, not to mention that you may need to go to another doctor if you bring them by accident.Unique Features: "Whether or not a cut is made depends on the case and a number of factors," says Doctor Deak. Part of it is dyskinesia, the other factor is the anatomy of the woman: is the ovum perfect, is there any edema. Another aspect is the anatomy of the child: the ability of the head to adapt to the pelvis. But this is the least important, the most important is the dynamics of birth.Intimate gymnastics: Dr. Dékбny Бgnes says intimate gymnastics can help keep this area fit. -It is important for girls to become aware of the functioning of their intimate body parts as they grow up. If you practice intimate gymnastics before and after childbirth, they have a better chance of avoiding later incontinence. Although gingival muscles tend to be more frequent in multiple women, it would be foolish to consider the subsequent process to be preventable by grafting. It is rather a constitutional request, influenced by the general condition or weakness of your conclusion.Relaxбciу: Birth is not just a physical process. Physical and psychological changes are able to strengthen or weaken one another, so the relaxation of the gaze, its laziness depends greatly on the sensation of the young woman, whether or not she relaxes.Our experienced helpers: "You need to choose the right doctor and nurse," advises Doctor Dean, "who can give her what to look for and give her helpful posture tips. It is true that it can take up to ten to fifteen minutes to pull out. The barn will certainly be tense, but it will be helped by proper posture, the squat, which will widen the pelvis.Less routine interventions: For strengthening and increasing the frequency of natural butterflies oxytocin infъziу And, on the way out, the lying mother practiced on her belly external printing promotes damaging because the fetus does not go through it in its natural rate.

The experiences of a parent

- My third child was born with a malformation, maybe the first two could have been avoided. But then it wasn't even that simple, it was the protocol of the age, he says Kata Kondor was born, who works for St. Imre Kourrb in Budapest. - Not only physically, but Emotionally, the world is alive and well. Third, I was horrified to know that I could do it, and I was born without the need for a medical intervention. And healing is incomparably faster. I'm sure I don't want to be interrupted any more than I have to because I had a bad condition. My job, Kata continues, is to try to get my moms into a position, to create conditions that they dare to let go. I try to exclude any confounding factors. Muscle can relax as well.According to the parent, it is the decision of the parental participant to decide, since anyone who intervenes in the course of the intervention will act sooner even when there is no need. Intimate gymnastics massage is important for us to get to know this area of ​​our body. But the essential oils, the gymnastics, the all-tea are only mankind. - Parenting has a rhythm, an arena in which participants co-ordinate. If someone is unable to fit into your parenting rhythm, you can do it. Your outsider knows this and doesn't beat the harmony. The rest goes by itself - Kata smiles.Related articles in parenting:
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