Childhood epilepsy is more common than we think

Childhood epilepsy is more common than we think

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Few people know, nor do those concerned, reiterate the fact that among hundreds of children at least one episode of epilepsy, or even cases of occasional nausea, is a recurrence. There is a lot of blasphemy about this disease, you need to talk about it!

Believe me, ignorance

Childhood epilepsy is much more common than it is in the public consciousness - the problem began to be presented dr. Altmann Anna, chief physician of the Buda Children's Hospital Epilepsy Center. In the 0-15 age group, diagnosed epilepsy reaches one percent, and the incidence of occasional nausea can be 4-5 percent.Unfortunately, in many cases, the old-fashioned patient, epilepsy is considered to be a disability, a form of mental illnessbecause they know only the frightening symptoms of a severe seizure, such as loss of consciousness, bizarre gestures, rumbling, squirting, etc. jбr. So often, parents often fail to recognize the symptoms of milder cases, or, for fear of diagnosis, to conceal their suspicions almost in front of them. This is a vicious circle: survival based on lack of knowledge helps those concerned not talk about it because they are afraid of being discriminated against.

More common in childhood

An epileptic seizure may be a cancer, but it is not a sign of epilepsy! No matter how well-known it is in the general public, it is important to know that the majority of epilepsy begins in childhood and occurs much more frequently in this period of life. According to statistics, every 200th adult and over diagnose this disease to every 100 children, which is manifested in the form of seizures, with different symptoms of cerebral dysfunction.The symptoms are determined by which areas of the brain are affected by this excitement. Childhood epilepsy is more diverse because the developing brain is larger and the brain processes are not simultaneously occurring in the central nervous system. A seizure occurs in a larger group of neurons ъn. infantile disorder, malabsorption of the brain, inflammation, hypoxia, malignancy, cancer It is also important to know that seizures may be triggered by certain conditions, especially loss of regular medications and, in some forms of epilepsy, sleep deprivation, flashing light, alcohol.

An epileptic seizure may be a cancer, but it is not a sign of epilepsy!

Objective: healthy living, continuous development

Enlightening the environment, the family, is extremely important! Childhood epilepsy can be eliminated in 80 percent of the medication, and in 60 of them it is possible to leave the medication, so the affected children can have a normal, healthy life. seizures last few minutes, occurring 3-4 times a yearand besides the seizures, the child is perfectly healthy. The lives of those around him depend on how poorly a year filled with illness leaves it. Epileptic patients should not be given anything at all during their illnesses, sports, middle-aged life, tuberculosis should be banned, as the healthy development of the child, the age of 3-4 years, , the environment, parents, peers, etc., should not be tossed over the years (such as traveling only by car, bringing them to school, etc.) live the same life as the healthy ones: pool, exercise, and participate in regular kids' wines (the Center also organizes these for the caregivers). The experience that growing up sick is harder to quit because it is only slowly accepting that you can lead a healthy life - that is why you need to start living the same way. Unfortunately, this concept is not common to many should epilepsy learn to be responsible during leisure activities, trips, outings, said the chief physician. he has no record of his seizure. This is the only way that they become aware of a seizure, and it develops a relationship with their own illness as the environment responds to it. If he is frightened, frightened, rejected, he too will develop such a self-image, even though he will be able to survive these awkward situations more easily and with less mental trauma to the person. It is therefore necessary to enlighten the environment, because the panic, the fear comes from ignorance. Anna Altmann noted that fear is also present in the parents of the drug for epilepsy, saying that it affects the central nervous system, which diminishes the child's ability to learn, and so on. This is unjustified in most commonly used modern formulations. epileptic drug Prior to setting up the patient, the patient is always examined by a pediatric neurologist, neuropsychologist and pediatrician for possible mental disorders, which are treated there as well. It may happen that, according to a survey, people with epilepsy learn more successfully than their peers because they pay attention!

What to do in the event of a seizure

The Epilepsy Center staff is happy to teach you what to do in the event of a seizure. In the event of a major seizure with insanity, whole-body rattling, cramping, and contrary to popular belief, the patient should not swallow or swallow anything in the mouth. Stretching of the mouth can cause bruising and can cause more trouble. pageto prevent the arrow from getting into the duct, a jacket, a pouch, etc. you have to put it under your head, protect it from killing, but no need to hold, should not be left behind until the seizure subsides. In epilepsy, another type of seizure, the patient is in a disturbed state of mind, making strange, bizarre movements. You don't have to do anything but make sure you don't hurt yourself (falling off the stairs, etc.). igйnyelnek. Because they do not cause panic in the patient's environment, they are often not picked up by themselves.

Inth signs

Cases involving legal malady are noted and referred to a specialist. However, there are also many cases of illness that are only due to behavioral problems, learning problems, which are not always recognized and sometimes over-treated. If the parent notices that it is exemplary the baby does not smile, is not interested in a game, does not pay attention, has changed his behavior, or may feel stinging after eating - it is likely that the little one swallows some air - consult a specialist! filmszakadбs also, which can be up to dozens a day - the child closes his eyes, becomes frustrated, etc., it also becomes inattentive, and at school he learns to be embarrassed to learn. However, if you do not seek the help of a professional, your child may be retarded. It is better to go away unnecessarily, but look for child neurology, because EEG can detect if there is a problem! during, after, day, night, stimulus response (door closure, birth, etc.) how you respond! When you come to the exam, these observations are a great help, as could an older (pre-shift) drawing, drawing, homework, etc. Entering.

Domestic recording, family therapy

The Buda Children's Hospital can also come to the Epilepsy Center, the institution's national reception area. Recumbent and ambulatory patients fall within the age of 0-18 years, but if treated continuously, adults may also need care. Not only are they dealing with seizures, they are dealing with the whole child, family, psychic background, reactions, problems.All this is possible: this is the only Epilepsy Center in the country where patients receive complex treatment, neuropsychology, complex therapy, care is being taken, they are dealing with the problems they are having, including the patient and the family. Thousands of patients belong to this group and many come to the consultation.They may also be interested in:
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