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What is the Ideal Temperature for Your Home?

What is the Ideal Temperature for Your Home?

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The colder days are coming, we are more and more devoted to the regulation of home thermostats. But should there be light degrees in our homes? Are you still unsure of what the ideal temperature would be?

What is the ideal temperature in the apartment?

Money trap heating

According to a medieval English saying, the heating of a house is similar to the money being made. This may seem like an overhaul, but there is a truth to it: setting the right temperature will not only affect your health, but your family budget as well. Maintain the temperature at 18-19 degrees. This will not lead to your home becoming cold and you can easily warm up your living space again.

There is no exact rule for rules

Of course, there is no etched rule regarding how many degrees the ideal temperature is, since the situation is influenced by countless factors. Choosing a living room is an important aspect of feeling comfortable at home, tailoring the family climate to the needs of the family. As a rule of thumb, 21 degreesno hotter. In the nursery, however, it is worthwhile to roll the rules up a bit, but only 1-2 degrees. It is an excellent idea for children to bathe in the evening, when we need to provide a warmer environment (22-23 degrees).

Fire may cause illness

Choosing a daytime temperature can also affect your health. Children in overheated homes (and in kindergarten) are more likely to suffer from extreme temperatures, and unfortunately have a greater tendency to get cold and have a negative attitude to warmth. If you observe, a child with warmth is more irritable, has difficulty responding to stimuli, or vice versa: it may be more irritable, tense. can be dangerous to the health of the family.

Where's the night of the hummer's mercury bill?

Our grandmothers weren't too fond of the night-time heat: we solved the balancing with a simple feather duvet. It is worth considering this method. Ideal for sleeping, it is strongly recommended to take the stool down, and set it to 18-19 degrees. Of course, the rule of 1-2 degrees warmer here for children, of course, is justifiable, but there is no justification for over-worrying. First-time moms have a hard time believing this, but if it's too hot in the room, you may find that the baby is harder to fall asleep choose the right clothes and blankets to all members of the family. And if you are worried about the baby's night being cleaned up, put it on your sleeping bag or maybe put on a sleeping sock for the night.Related Articles:
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