What did they give to the big guy?

What did they give to the big guy?

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Come on baby! Fear or even happiness may follow the announcement of the arrival of a new family member. Whoever has the wits may be prepared in advance with a few polish choices to calm their worries.

What did they give to the big guy?

Where, where?

Bor laughing remembers the playground scene. They were talking to the other moms while sitting next to the sandpit. He was just saying that the third baby would be there for them. One of the moms with raised people wondered, "And where are you going to do in that tiny apartment?" - Where to where ?! Back to the other two in the wardrobe! the confident answer came.

Illustrated by ыdua Szыcs

He was abandoned by Rцgtцn

Timi his story is not so fun. The man he had been living with for quite some time was packed that night when it turned out that Timi was pregnant. He also insisted that he definitely wanted to keep the child.
- We've talked about this many times and he always said he didn't want a baby. I was confident that her opinion would change because I was becoming stronger and stronger in my motherhood. Now I'm alone, but I'm looking forward to seeing my baby, my parents were beside me and I'm still confident.

At home and abroad

Ibolyбnak was part of an adventure. Laci because of their work they have moved to more countries, so all of the children were born elsewhere.
He was a third-year college student when he first designed, even before going to work. The young university doctor he went to for examinations mainly dealt with "accidents": many went abortion at that time. When Violet came back smiling with positive results from the ultrasound, she was surprised to ask:
- Does that sound good to you?
Then, in answer to the affirmative answer, the little baby was kissed.
Her boss in the Netherlands was also surprised when they found out they were expecting a new baby. She was so enthusiastic about supporting the young mother that she had secured the new mother, and she could continue the experiment with the child. So it did. After three months of parenting, Ibolya was able to rock the baby carrier in the lab, and because of the development of a fetal sonography device, the little son became a healthy model. This way, they were able to sit alone in the magnetically insulated chamber to "listen to the heart".
The third child's announcement was made for a conference. At the evening reception, when everyone was in a good mood, he told his boss that there was a little trouble. Of course, he thought of the lab on the cell and asked frightenedly if something had gone off. When he found out that he was so much more anxious, he calmed down. She generously supported her to stay fit, and even made it possible for her to stay away from work with the help of a telecommuting connection during the post-natal period.

Let's clean the purges!

Juli at her fifteen-year-old meeting, she told her former friends that she was expecting her baby and that she was the first to appreciate the fresh hell. He counted on everything but this request:
- And the third Abbot?

Weird granny

Zsуka her mother, who often had panic attacks, did not take much part in the preparation of the young couple. We were postponed to communicate with him, and he would soon be a grandson. When he heard that his family was growing, he said:
- I'm not in the position of playing grandma, don't count on me!
Poor youth were not prepared for such a jubilation.

Illustrated by ыdua Szыcs

She almost got a seizure

EditThey moved into their first home with two children after many years of subletting. My own brushes weren't too big, just another room panel, but they were happy with it. They both relieved her family, and finally knew the young people safely. That's when the grandparents hit the unexpected hoon: a third baby is coming. The grandfather on the couch hearing this suddenly fainted, gasping for breath, his son helped him to stand up, and exhaled him for fresh air. Of course, the same grandfather carves the sticks afterwards, making the lance and sword for the little grandchildren.

It depends!

Zita йs Feri they were already over forty, when two older children planned a third, and they came. But the most common first reaction to honr reporting was:
- Is it random or planned ?!
It was like trying to test the parents' state of mind.

He slept further

It is known that a man, when sleeping, can even shake a bed beside him, does not wake up. In fact, if you wake up, you may not be really alone. Judit he got excited at dawn, after he woke up late into the night and rushed to the bathroom. She was surprised to find out that her six-month-old, eager suckling baby and her non-recurring blood test were positive. He bribed his boyfriend as he sought a little comfort and reassurance, but he just waved at him, "You're fine!" He hugged his wife and then slept on. Of course, later in the morning, he had chosen to remember nothing. But his reaction was the same: "Alright, everything will be fine, you see."

Borъra derы

Бginбl йs Gбbornбl the three children were born in rapid succession. No more were planned, five years later a baby was knocking, causing little trouble for the parents. They argued a lot because they had to go through the heaviest years of the oldest child's adolescence, and they also had to spend time with the little ones. They were worried about whether the little newcomer would be distracted from the other third. They made the final decision, and when they met, slowly giving their mothers the secret to the brothers, they cheered and jumped, and their midriff was still in hell.

Everything about the baby

Erika her grandmother, who was a long-awaited granddaughter, was wondering what it would be like to hold her baby again. So when the announcement of the blood was broken, his joy was great. With a light eye, he would take the sour cabbage every day on foot, if he was a keen mother. There was fun at work too. His immediate colleague was very envious. He had been working for the same job for many years and was very tired of it. When Erika told the office that she was pregnant, she said with a dazed look:
- You see, you have to disagree with the way you do!
In the first third, he often had to go to a doctor for examinations. Her boss still didn't know she was baby. After a while, he was tactfully inquiring from his colleague whether Erika's illness was serious. The rest teased me, yes, it seems, because nine months later, he is already in his final stage.

I believe if I see it!

Pregnancy tests can sometimes shock people. Ester he has already dropped a negative test out of the trash can to suggest something faint. When his couple realized that the second bar was just there, they didn't stop to the nearest clinic, though they had to go far. There, he could see the small spot on the ultrasound screen that they had both been dying for.
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