The number of people with mumps and bends in England has increased

The number of people with mumps and bends in England has increased

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The number of mumps and corneal disease patients in England has risen sharply, and professionals are calling attention to the importance of immunization.

In the first three months of 2019, 795 mumps cases were recorded, as against last year's 1031 cases. The number of people with mumps and bends in England has increased It was also pointed out that today's college students were born when, in the late 1900s, two thousand years later, MMR vaccination peaked after Andrew Wakefield studied gastroenterology in 1998, MMR vaccination against curvaceous mumps-rubella (rubella) can cause autism and prevent parents from vaccinating their children. Thus, vaccination dropped back in that age group in the United States, Great Britain and Europe. It became clear from the study that his author was not only it also falsified the data, and since then, large-scale studies have shown that vaccines can cause certain side effects, but serious side effects are very rare and not common to autism.
Coronary heart disease has also increased in England, London, East and West England, where 231 cases were recorded in the first quarter. The World Health Organization (WHO) with the disease for the first two months of 2019. Prior to the introduction of vaccination, mumps was one of the most common infectious diseases in childhood. Drip infection is a highly contagious disease that occurs in half of susceptible people exposed to the infection. Symptoms of the disease include pain and swelling around the ears, swelling of the thyroid gland and other thyroid glands (sublingual glands, sublingual glands). The patient complains of headache, sore throat, and generally weakness. Mumps is a malignant disease that usually occurs spontaneously within one to two weeks, but it can have serious events such as testicular inflammation in a male, which can lead to infertility.
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