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Ironhead during pregnancy

Ironhead during pregnancy

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The need for iron in the body is greatly increased when having a baby, which is essential for hemoglobin, which is responsible for getting oxygen in the bloodstream to where it needs to be.

You must do something against iron deficiency during pregnancy!

Unfortunately, most women think they are not pregnant and do not take iron supplements to meet the increased needs of the body, especially during the second and third trimesters. If iron is too low in the body, then there may be anemia.The risk of developing this is even greater if the morning sickness is regularly exacerbated by vomiting, if the woman has had at least two pregnancies in the short term, or if the mother is suffering from iron deficiency. That is why doctors generally recommend that the mother should take more iron than usual during her pregnancy, in the form of vitamins. Iron deficiency is by far the most common cause of non-pregnancy-related cancer. It can also develop if you do not have enough folic acid or vitamin B12, in the case of blood loss, or in some of the most debilitated diseases.

How do I know I'm an ailment?

Fatigue, weakness, heartburn may also be signs of anemia, but these are symptoms that can occur irrespective of pregnancy, so that you do not have to worry about anything. However, it is common for the skin or the palatability of the epidermis to indicate that it is a condition of coldness, irritability, loss of breath, wheezing, visual impairment, headache, we want some very strange thingsFor example, if we are losing weight on ice, paper or clay, we are almost certain to suffer from severe iron deficiency.

How to treat iron deficiency anemia?

If our doctor determines from our examinations that we have iron deficiency anemia, then we are almost sure to give you some iron supplements. The dose will depend on the severity of your anemia, but you will probably need to take 60-120 mg daily. Always be sure to follow the instructions of your doctor, and do not take more iron than you have prescribed. send it down - this is why you are because Vitamin C helps with absorption. In this case, milk is avoided, as calcium inhibits absorption, as does tea and tea.After starting treatment, if all goes well, the hemoglobin value begins to rise. However, this can only take a few months, so even if your doctor agrees, take your prescribed dose for the time being, according to his recommended dosage. Another important thing: keep your pill right in the kid's place. In fact, more children die of iron overdose than any other type of drug poisoning. The amount of iron for adults is really good for the kids, so be very careful!

Side Effects Of Iron Fever

Unfortunately he is taking iron sticks can often go with constipation, to prevent this, pregnant women should consume plums. But it can also include stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, and, less often, diarrhea. It's a small but tricky experience to know which time of day it is best for you to take iron, so let's test it! So, for example, if you experience stomach ache, you should not take iron stool before going to bed, but if you are embarrassed, an evening intake may be the best way to avoid this discomfort. .

Nutrients that aid iron absorption

As stated above, vitamin C is specifically good, so orange juice can be very well combined with high-iron foods (legumes, di, almonds, hazelnuts, cereals, salsify, , oily fish). Another great source of Vitamin C is a handful of strawberries, peppers, or just grapefruit. (Via)Related articles in vashiбny:
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