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In a matter of minutes you can detect the Lyme disease with a new Hungarian method

In a matter of minutes you can detect the Lyme disease with a new Hungarian method

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At present, Lyme disease can only be diagnosed by lengthy, uncertain serological examination, but a new Hungarian method may be able to detect the disease by a simple blood sample.

In a few minutes, a new Hungarian method shows the Lyme CirrhosisA Hungarian developer can correct every mistake in the Serologic method and tell in a matter of minutes whether the disease is present in the human body. With Lyme Diagnostics Ltd. Managing Director, Buzz with Andrbs talked about the 24th DualDur method. Lyme disease is very difficult to diagnose, we talk about very stubborn disease. however, DualDur, based on morphological examinations, can upset the whole diagnosis, as a special procedure and a special fluid can be able to detect a simple blood sample if it is present in the body. Lyme Diagnostics Ltd. has gained 3.5 billion Euros from the European Union, or 1.1 billion forints around the world, which has been able to accelerate research over the last 33 years. The cause of Lyme Disease, Borrelia b it is also extremely sad, and it is almost impossible to detect it directly by any means - see page 24. "They could be bred basically, but they are so slow to reproduce that almost any infestation of them is impossible, we can't find them in the breed," he told Bouzsik Andrbs, the CEO of Lyme Diagnostics Ltd. As they get out of the human body, they become deadly, and they can practically die in a matter of seconds. From the human sample, it is very difficult to grow them, and we can detect up to 20% of the best breeder. It makes it difficult for a diagnosis that microscopic examination in a drop sample is too small to be taken up.
"In the United States, patients who continue to have symptoms after treatment are often referred to a psychologist because they think that they do not produce any symptoms at all, they only appear in the" head "," Buzik said. "This is the so-called post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, or PTLDS. In this case, you may still have the blood in the blood, and you should not try to treat it with another antibiotic because you believe it in the head. " It is also possible that the symptoms are considered autoimmune and are not treated by the patient. András Bouzsik and Lyme Diagnostics report all weaknesses in serological tests: the DualDur method uses a solution called can detect the direct presence of bacteria, not the immune response to them. The problem of having a very low number of borrelia responsible for Lyme disease in human blood is solved by the DualDur procedure that the blood sample is removed into a special solution - this solution allows the bacterium to remain die in a matter of seconds, and then concentrate on human blood borelines to just one milliliter. "Laboratory conditions are "said Buzhik. "It also blocks the production of cellular products, and the bacterium controls itself so well that it doesn't die, but not so much more of the infectious matter in the blood stays in the blood." completely develop the method, can provide diagnostic information in as little as a minute. "It's important to note that we are not diagnosed with DualDur," Buzik said. "It's like x-ray: the x-ray operator doesn't even begin to analyze the image, but only passes it on to the doctor, who will decide on the patient's shorter course. DualDur also works by giving information and if so, the practitioner will decide how to proceed. "The method, if it is really effective, will help doctors to diagnose it more accurately and quickly.
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