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Six hoops for the screen Live this fall!

Six hoops for the screen Live this fall!

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On January 1st, the new media bulletin, which includes the introduction of a new age rating, will be launched: you can see six and twelve circles in the corner of the screen!

If you were born in the sixties, Lolka and Bolkaif you saw the light in the seventies, Number Bcc Superbusif you were born in the eighties, that's it Once upon a time there was no life nailed in front of the screens. What good was it… Would you allow your child to see whatever the cartoon channel is doing today?

Watch the heel of the screen!

The creators of the new media law, which came into force on January 1st, placed great emphasis on protecting children and adolescents. Expectedly, June will see the new age rating on the screen, which will protect those under the age of 6. To clarify this, the National Media and Human Rights Authority (NMHH) is developing a recommendation that provides medically applicable guidelines for the application of the 6 and 12-year age ratings. Those who pay attention to the new signal can more easily protect their children from aggressive, destructive television content. There are currently 15 movie shows, 30 educational and 15 children's channels in Hungary.George Gerbner, the Hungarian origin communication research, which passed away in 2005, is one of the most cited international figures in the topic of media violence. According to his studies, the television picture of television was more similar to the world on television, the more they see their lives.

It's a good movie

He participated in the professional forum held in the topic and in the press that followed it M. Tуth Gbbor There is also an Oscar-nominated cartoon director who says parents are increasingly conscious of wanting to provide non-aggressive content to their children, but there is nothing. There is no Hungarian production at least. "We would appreciate if the domestic profession were not only a suggestion but also a direct and indirect regulation. After a few seconds, he couldn't do any Hungarian animation, and the channels get free, low-quality, sometimes fear-inducing kids' shows, and there's no reason not to do them.

Cleverly before the Father!

Children's channels occupy a special place in the Da Vinci Learning educated television channel, which has exclusive foreign quality programming, such as Once upon a time… series. The biggest part of the programs is for the family to be a survivor of the social program, and the discussion of what they see is a valuable experience. A spokesman for the channel said they would not make any difference with the stricter regulation of the new media law or the introduction of the 6th ring. "Western Europe has a greater tradition of strictly regulating children's programs. Our channel is present in 13 countries, including three programs for children, families, and adults.
This request is not limited to Hungarian children. Read about the British situation!


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