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To become pregnant after a loss is a real emotional corpse

To become pregnant after a loss is a real emotional corpse

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"Our second baby would have been born now. But at the ninth week, an ultrasound revealed that there was no sound anymore," writes

Becoming Pregnant After Loss Is A Real Wave Of Wisdom (Photo: iStock) My body did not receive a message at this time, so three weeks later I was just as tired as I was with all of it. baby, i thought i was gonna feel that day. Truth be told, I could not think of this baby - the baby who will never give birth. It was a surprising pregnancy because we naively believed those who said that after the first baby would not come soon. We just started trying again in time. I always remember when I made one testand became positive - I was completely shocked, went out of the bath and showed it to my husband. My 10 month old baby took it out of my hands and started playing with it. thing. But it failed. I started looking at the maternity clothes of the summer, imagining what my maternity leave would be in the fall, and arousing myself what it would be like to have such a big family.But then our heart stopped.Even though I was a little prepared for the worst, I crumbled when it came to light. They were shocked the other day, which I hardly expected then because I just wanted to be over it and physically and emotionally heal. The day was the day after my son's first birthday. I talked openly about my despair because I felt so alone when I was like the only person I met. I got support from my husband and loved ones, but first and foremost from strangers who have lived through many similarities, talked about their own losses, and I was reassured that I had done nothing wrong, it was not my fault.Physically, I became sick, so we continued to rehearse. It was heartbreaking that every test became negative over the next few days. And then during a family vacation, as we were driving the car, I saw a heart - And while I swore that while we were on vacation, I wouldn't do any more tests, I bought one. It was positive. I was very afraid things could go wrong again, but I was hoping it wouldn't be this time, and I was trying to do my best to keep up with the present. And it looks like everything is fine so far. We soon found out that I was wearing not one but two heart beans under my heart. I also accepted that the timing of the previous baby might not have been the best in our case. My son was not one year old and I lost my job and health security just then. Perhaps the universe wanted this so that we were expecting twins. But I always find it difficult to bear the date when that baby was born. Meanwhile, I keep thinking about what the twins will be like. I'm excited and very crazy, but I can't completely get over the pain of losing a baby.Nobody will be able to fill the place even if it was only 9 weeks into our lives. But in those weeks, it was a part of our family, and always has a place in my heart. (VIA) Related links: