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Playing with the air

Playing with the air

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It is an exciting discovery for your baby to experience what he can see in his mouth.

- Let's cook light paper and cook it for flipping. You can also try this one, it will sooner or later.- Fold the thick, glossy pages of your new york and put it in your hand. Let's jump into the water, face the baby, and head the boat back and forth.- No, it's just for the fun of the players to breathe in the glass of water through the heartbeat. A lot of jumping bubbles make a little kid laugh. Let's try how long it lasts, how it sounds, if there is more and less liquid in the glass.- We can cook the drop of water on the table. If we put a little paint-stitch on a piece of paper and cook it, it will leave a funny impression. The little ones will love the fact that the water is fleeing. - Fold a colorful origami bird and hang it up with a long lanyard. Lie underneath and cook a great deal for the fowl to fly.

Fold colorful origami birds

- In the cold of winter, we can play a dragonfly: let's breathe big and watch the small clouds out of our mouth. Watch how it rolls over the table.- You can cook soap bubbles, not just summer games, you can play in the evenings. It is not so easy to cook without making our mouth soapy! - Not only mouth, nose, but also feathers or mother tongue. This "exercise" is especially recommended for pregnant children if their elbows are dry out of the nose, but they still have over-plugging. Playful training helps with speech development.
- Do you develop your skills?
- The best player is gaining experience