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A simulated baby is helping babies

A simulated baby is helping babies

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They are using innovative tools to help their mothers and mothers identify themselves with prospective baby boomers at the University of Debrecen Health Care.

As seen on the university's page, the Full Parental Status program, hearing aids are part of the practical part of child care and are a must for anyone.
In connection with pregnancy, you get an 11-pound breaststroke that gives you an idea of ​​what it feels like to face the weight of a 3rd trimester pregnant woman, such as how to tie your shoes. A baby simulation doll provides a simulation doll for some close-up learning. The baby can practice diapers, feeding, sleeping pills. It detects aggressive behavior (among others), and the quality of care is monitored by a numeric system. Listeners cannot rely on other care or ask for help.

Simulating baby

Zsigmond Kуsa, Head of the Department of Methodology and Neapolitan Studies at the Faculty of Health, University of Debrecen, said in a press release that he would be able to enroll in more than two other target groups. On the one hand, pre-baby couples can be irritated by baby-related tasks, while secondary school students can get useful information and possibly reduce their teenage burden.