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6 easy yoga poses for kids

6 easy yoga poses for kids

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Are you playing with your child? Try these funny, animal-inspired poses! Which one will be your favorite? The sheep or the camel?

The following 6 yoga poses are fun and fun, but all kids will love having them to do exercises with their mom. Try them out too!


Lie down on the ground with your face facing the ground and your feet close to you. Unlock your arms around your back, keeping your fingers together. Raise your chest and hiss like one kнgyу.

Kids can love yoga too


Start straight and have both feet on the ground. Fold out your arms as if they were wings. Raise your left foot from the ground and extend back, keeping it up in the air. Put your left foot back on the ground, level your arms at your side and stand upright. Repeat with the other foot. When your foot is in the air, move your "wings" like flamingу, but keep the balance in between.


Kneel down to the ground with slightly open feet, feet flat. Put your hands on your hips and breathe. Bend your back with a sparkling glance and your hips should not move. Lie on your back, touch your feet with your hands, lean your head on your back. Well done a camel pуz.


Standing on the floor, keep your feet wide apart. Bend your knees, start down, lean your hands on the floor between your feet. Lean your body a little forward and then back and bump like a bйka.


Get down on the ground as if preparing for a hike, but touch your soles. Put your hands on your feet and push your knees down to the ground. Hack your "wings" by moving your feet up and down like a pillangу do.

Fucked butterfly

Make a roller from a blanket, put it on the ground. Lie down with your back leaning on this cylinder, pick up the pillangу pose with your feet, your arms spread wide across your shoulders. In this posture, your chest expands and gets more oxygen to your heart and lungs. Your heart rate will slow, your body temperature will drop, your mind will calm down.They may also be interested in: