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Family barracks: Why don't you step in? If you have five kids ...

Family barracks: Why don't you step in? If you have five kids ...

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I have been living in the family for a week now, thanks to my kids, but to this day I don't understand why brothers are able to stumble on even the smallest things…

The family barn

I grew up one child, so at dawn my mother was frustrated by the ice when one day I saw that my two children at the bottom of the storage box. thank you, but to this day I don't want to understand why brothers are able to stumble on even the smallest things - what's more, to collude against each other, that my kids will never fight each other for a game, h we will respectfully and graciously wait for the rest of us, and only after they receive it, and envy, as an unknown concept, will by far wander us. As a beginner mother can imagine! In the meantime, our homes sometimes rumble about quarrels over who, when, why, took something that the other person overlooked, and why not give it back, but immediately. the excitement at the time of the outburst is already past, and even though (!) I don't rush to separate the kids at all, I let them settle their disputes with each other. Of course, not intervening in their debate at the first moment does not mean I do not listen to the stories, but I have for some time quit powering myself as such. (However, I will continue to firmly prevent the controversy over the controversy.)

Why did I decide so?

The most important reason is that I am Jin and they are others. For this reason, we respond to certain situations in a mild manner, and quarrels are no exception. Big boy screaming, Big pouting, Medium doorbell, Fistless and angry, Smallest bite. It is not easy to call this variety of behaviors a common, gracious denominator. I have found that in many respects it is not a good idea to put an end to conflicts when power is played in the role of an adult. For example, we were much more likely to have a baby because we didn't feel the need to find a solution to their own problems, because they had a mother there, and they made a smart decision instead. Well, it also played a role in my decision that I am an adult and they are children: I see the world like them so much, so my solutions don't necessarily fit into their world. This is a case in point when I dared to suggest to Kaps and Fellow that instead of arguing, play with the requested LEGO lightsaber. Felvбltva? What an idea! Rather than trying to find another piece that was rolled out two weeks ago, they just wanted to show me: : we can represent ourselves, their interests more and more, they recognize the behavioral motives of children of their own age, who should not stop with, instant interference and power shortages are still past, although family disputes are still on the way, but we are well on our way to being generally sorry.
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