Gemini - the way it started

Gemini - the way it started

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Are you expecting twins? You are Kovncsi, aren't you? More than two eggs are the same. The exams tell you a lot about everything, but there are still plenty of surprises!

The twins are 30 in number identical, that is, their genes are about the same. 70 of them are duplicates, they are only genetically identical to two brothers. It would be interesting to find out quickly which group your baby belongs to, but it is not always possible to get an ultrasound scan. The same ones are always the same sex, but they may have a fetal envelope and a cleft, but if they have been discolored in the past, there may be a common leaf and an outer coat, or if it is even earlier, it is also an outer. And to make things even more complicated, it sometimes happens that the two outside are "chefs", or so close to what they seem to be common. So babies of the same sex, with a separate coat and coat, can be the same as well as dummies.

Little cat, big cat

Uniforms are not always the same! In other words, the size of the dolls does not provide a basis for one-on-one or double certainty. The difference is up to 20 percent in size between two fetuses. This may also be because one of the embryos is more adherent and has better blood supply. A twin twin can have a genetic disorder in the back, as two "smooth" siblings are not usually born with the same weight. A slight sign may indicate that the condition is dysfunctional. This could be, for example, twin-transfusion syndrome: the identical twins are in the process of being joined by a small blood circulation of the two. One of them is "blood pressure", its development slows down. The other one gets too much oxygen and diet, which overloads your body. This may also be indicated by the amount of amniotic fluid in the baby, in which case the condition of the baby may require immediate dressing.

Twins are born

Arrival order

If there are more details, by the 28th week they are able to change the position and position in the womb, so that the baby's order of arrival is almost certain. Usually, the bigger weight brother is closer to the exit (the doctors call each other A fetus), while the smaller (fetus B) shoots a little quicker. The position of the baby may determine its birth. If you are perfectly healthy, vaginal birth is good if you have A twin heads and B twin heads or pelvic heads. There is less chance of the small dorsal tail, and its sibling tail or head. can be translated ". The cup is sure to be "crossed" by both. Of course, this is just a thought. Many hospitals generally do not allow twins to be born vaginally, and it may not be the position of the baby but other information that determines how they will help them through the world. Yeah, if you talk to your doctor about this in advance!They may also be interested in:
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