Take care of the plants if you get a blood clot

Take care of the plants if you get a blood clot

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Many people nowadays use a variety of non-coagulant drugs that reduce the risk of increased blood formation. However, the question often arises is whether it is possible to take herbal remedies in addition to therapy, or whether they will not be able to afford it.

The request prof. Gyula Blaskou, Thrombosis Center Blood Clotting Specialist.

It is not just about the drugs that are essential to medicine

Those who are involved in non-coagulant therapy are well aware that the drugs they are taking require serious attention. This is primarily a is an old type of coumarin derivative, because they often have drug changes that increase or decrease the effect of the drug. (From this point of view the number of neutral drugs is the leastOf course, this does not only apply to continuous tablets, but also to occasional benefits such as pills. the non-steroidal analgesics.It is also important to be aware that in addition to medicines, great attention should be paid to the use of herbs, as change the efficiency of blood clotting.A lot of herbs also interact with vitamin K antagonists (coumarin derivatives) and this may increase the risk of bleeding events. But not only with these, but with the ability to prevent the platelet from collapsing aspirin, thienopyridines! There are two reasons for this: either it enhances the efficacy of the agent (that is, aggregation - that is, inhibition of collapse, and consequently, treatment inefficiency), or negative effects on the platelets. Gyula Blaskou. "My master is very true in this field, dr. Egedy Sбndor Teacher Price statement: The doctor does give medicine and he thinks he is treating. There is also reason to give placebo and the patient thinks he or she is being treated. But if the doctor thinks he is treating, the patient thinks he is treated, but nothing really matters: no, is that a real life threat?!. "

These herbs influence the effect of blood clotting

Attention! The list is not exhaustive, so consult your doctor before using any herbal remedies!Gingko Biloba: Memorabilia is also known as a herbal medicine because it enhances circulation. Yes, but do not use it in coagulation because it also inhibits blood platelet aggregation, as it enhances efficiency and increases the risk of bleeding events!Garlic: Garlic capsules are taken daily by many as they have a myriad of fun effects: they boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Although it does have more positive effects, it does increase the effectiveness of blood clotting (more precisely, it prevents blood platelets from sticking together), so their combined use is not recommended!Blood coagulation: be careful with the ring!GyцmbйrIn addition to its excellent immuno-potency and antihypertensive activity, the drug has also been used in Nephi medicine for the prevention of thrombosis due to its anticoagulant properties. It is therefore not suitable for use with anticoagulants, otherwise there is a risk of bleeding!ginseng: As a general rule, as well as herbal / mental freshness herbal medicine, but since it reduces the risk of blood clotting, you should not take coumarin at the same time!Hesperidine-containing dietary supplements: Increase the propensity to bleed due to blocking of the platelet.Orbбncfы: Insomnia and mild depressive symptoms are usually suggested as purgative, but it is important to know that it has a medicinal effect that is dangerous. Others weaken the efficiency of blood clots, so they are not able to provide adequate protection.Always consult your doctor before taking a medicine! Gyula Blaskou points out that the list is not exhaustive, of course, and no matter who dose the drug or herbal tea is used. Йppen ezйrt if you want to take some gyуgynцvйnyt vйralvadбsgбtlу addition, mindenkйpp kйrje vйlemйnyйt out by a doctor who is familiar with the gyуgyszer йs gyуgynцvйny kцlcsцnhatбsokat йs the alvadбsgбtlуkkal aggregбciу-gбtlуkkal.