Poci's going to freak out

Poci's going to freak out

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In our wedding story, Poci is very excited as she will spend her first day in worship.

We woke up to sunbath. Baby clouds have begun to grow. In the morning he landed on a Poci airplane. The airplane's engine blew up: brrrrr… and Poci March was happily hovering over the city. It is very exciting to fly between clouds. From above, the houses look very small. Suddenly, Poci saw a beautiful playful courtyard among the tiny houses. After landing, she happily told me:
- Mom! Imagine there is a house in the city where the yard is full of games!
Mom smiled. - That hut is your wits.
Mom gave two huge kisses to Poci's face and said, "If you get big enough, you can go to your ward." Poci ran into his room, reaching toe-to-toe before height.
- Am I big enough? he smiled bloody, big, round eyes.
- He's really grown! Mom wondered.
- Then can I go to wisdom? the little boy asked excitedly.
- Of course! Mother replied. The evening's tale was born of witchcraft. In the morning, Poci and Mom set off for their wisdom. Poci also took his favorite train with him for safety.
Poci peered out of the window.
“Would you like us to go in?” Mom turned to Poci.
Poci didn't answer, but the kids ran fast. Mom was watching her baby in surprise.
- Come on, I'll show you your closet! the nanny said.
There were signs on the wardrobe doors and Poci really liked the special wardrobe.
"Your red car will be your sign," the nanny gave birth.
Poci smiled and opened the door of her closet. On the shelf of the wardrobe, a jolly man shook me and winked at Pocira: - Hi! I'm Pepimou. I live here in the closet and I'm waiting for you!
Poci was very surprised: - Rumm?
- Of course! Now I'm going to be here every morning, and I'll be with you all day while you're in witchcraft. - It will be very good! My name is Poci - winked the little boy Pepimur.
Pepimou jumped on Poci's stare. - Come on, I'll show you where the kids are playing!
Mom didn't take any of them together. She just saw Poci cheerfully walk over to the room where the kids were playing. - Got it for you! Mother said goodbye.
Poci, the kids, and Pepimou, starred in the game.
"Oops," Pepimou scolded Poci, "I'm hungry!" Nanny Nancy will bring you lunch soon.
- Wash! he heard from the distance.
The kids lined up for the wash. Poci ate his lunch with the kids like an old lady. After lunch, a snooze followed. The nanny in a pink dress told me about a star whose magic wand shimmers with shimmering dust. The eyes peeking out from beneath the curtain closed slowly. Even Pepimou was pissed off.
After awakening, the children were waiting in the yard. Poci happily discovered many of the games. It was best for the red slide. He climbed the ladder, slid down, and slumped into the sand. Then they made blood with Dani and Rita. Pepim was the capitol.
Suddenly Poci heard Mom's voice, "Can we go home, little bloodshed?"
They started to move inside by hand. Teddy ran to his wardrobe. Mom helped me move. Meanwhile, unnoticed, Pepimou glided up onto the shelf.
- I'll wait for you tomorrow! the little man said goodbye to his friend at the end of the first day of goodbye.