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7 tips for parents with small children

7 tips for parents with small children

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By Monday, the national officer had ordered an alert. Read what you need to pay attention to when you have a baby.

Budapest, July 8, 2011 (MTI) - The highest level of heat alert came to life on Friday at 8am; the alarm is on Monday, as the average daily temperature on these days may exceed 25-27 degrees Celsius.
On days like this jelentхsen nх the rosszullйtek йs the halбlozбsok szбma, ezйrt the medical officer szolgбlat йrtesнtette the egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatуkat the szaktбrcбt the katasztrуfavйdelmet the mentхszolgбlatot, and the Nemzetgazdasбgi Minisztйriummal also consulted with, miutбn elkйpzelhetх to the truck stop will szьksйg also idхszakos feloldбsбra.
In Central Hungary and in the South Transdanubia, the largest metropolitan area, the Meteorological Service of the Republic of Hungary, has issued a red alert for a greater number of areas. The risk group includes the elderly, infants, people with chronic cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic disorders, but the high heat is more difficult for people with diabetes and diabetes.
Professionals recommend that no one should stay on hot days between 11 and 15 o'clock, especially as the UV-B radiation level is predicted to exceed the alert threshold. In addition to the average heat of 2-2.5 liters, we recommend that you consume an additional 2-3 liters of liquid, especially water, in high heat.
Baby Room:
You can help your baby if you have faith
1. Between 11 and 16 o'clock you should stay in a cool apartment or covered shade.
2. Move to a place where you always have the drinking water that you often bring to your child. Breastfeeding infants less than six months old are often breastfed and breastfeeded. We recommend frequent breastfeeding after six months of breastfeeding, as well as water, as needed.
3. Do not tempt your child with candied drinks!
4. Store food strictly refrigerated, do not take spoilage with your fire! When ordering in a restaurant, do not order tart, mayonnaise food, pancakes, raw eggs.
5. Never leave your child in the car, even when you are asleep or in the car!
6. Don't forget about water too! If sweating is very disturbing during breastfeeding, turn on the ventilator and put on a baby diaper between your baby and your body. The baby may pee a little because he sweats a lot more and suckles less because he is impermanent. Don't worry about it, but go often!
7. Infant babies should only be fed fresh on a high heat. If you are gone, take the boiled water and the dust with you, and mix it just before use. Throw out the rest. Also, make sure you have a water bottle full of water! Include the juice in the liquid as well.