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(S) Twin twin IX.

(S) Twin twin IX.

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Hurr, we've had a summer vacation! We will relax for a while, say, until Christmas. One or two weeks in a standard quarry or carpet, the sanitarium gives the twins some time to spend.

Even the thought seemed heretical. The big city "grace" (hypermarkets, super docs and everything you might need inside - including a smoky, eye-catching smog) has to go to the world for a second, once in a while "No order" note (why not leave the previous one, I did not write it), but where no one comes to spoil the air, because the GPS coordinates of the small village of Ipoly (according to Csenge: Ipjу) are not known by politicians tйrkйpeken.
I've had the idea during a previous weekend getaway that the twin car is not the right tool for changing the position of the twins, but with a cargo ". (Not to mention the insignificant complications of stickering.)
As much as I was prepared spiritually and technically (roof box, gurtnik, crates, dorms), I was shocked when the bundled packages and my skin didn't show up in Borika. Yeah, I was suspicious when I hit the second bend with the cab loaded, but you always hope for the last moment. Given that the physics tцrvйnyeit sikerьlt kijбtszanom not ezъttal (tйrnyъjtбs, sъlypontбthelyezйs, бtlбtszуsбg йs others), we have to give up kйt tartalйk babakocsirуl kйnytelenek a Lagzi Lajcsi mйretы plьsstigrisrхl, the two szбmъ felfъjhatу medencйrхl, the laptop dughatу hangfalakrуl, fйl kцbmйter legуrуl a Glass semi-cured cucumber, and my one-piece bathing suit (this is not direct, but accidental). However, those who have successfully fought their way through: two potters and one toilets (these are not used yet, but you never know!) (tv when packing, unpacking as little as possible) peppers.
There are two tactics for traveling riders: start immediately after waking up or before you fall asleep. We look forward to the aftermath of the siesta siesta, hoping that dinner will be ready (arranged, unpacked, arrived) at the crime scene.
It seems we are inexhaustible by naivety. Even though we had just slept in their record at Duluth, everything was drooling (what he was dying, boiling) in Borik, by the time the weeklings came to recover. Even though the "only" dili has just come up to me (alone, dress alone, buy shoes alone, be alone too slow, then two together!). Summa summarum was very proud of the enthusiastic-busy rush of the dunes to get us started. All this with the Slovak-Hungarian-Polish-Czech truck convoy trying to make each other's blood without trying to score. When you finally left them behind, the roar of the roar sounded! kaka! hнvуszу. Box Street, Changing Diapers, Restart. And, of course, the "Visegrad People" convoy has repeatedly come to mind. Tons of miles from here to djj vu! Only drink this time! drink! the reason for the rebound.
All inclusive
Children's development can be measured in many ways, such as how high the objects that need to be placed on the floor (practically all my garden tools have been put on the floor), how high they are and how how many garments of clothing can you depreciate in one day (well, the tip of a common plum jam in the village), you also have to is divided into 30seconds) and, let's say, how many non-nutritious things our bodies can process (according to Nemcsuk, the amount of dirt that an average child has every year, we can buy that amount in half a day). The disadvantage of the "all inclusive wedding" - full benefit in itself (according to my friend: you get everything in Slovakia) is that all the problems you have to solve yourself. And the technical tools have stalled against us! First the boiler gave the key. Well, in electrical engineering, I just got a degree somewhere in the boys, but plumbing has become my master's degree. The demise of the title failed to come to life, so instead of the anesthetic music used in the evening anesthetic, the mother-father chamber choir was relentless. (I can only hope that a good music educator will be able to handle this soon.) let's just keep it going. We'll have a rest too!
The balance
Hozzбvetхleg fйltonnбnyi szilvalekvбr befхzve, fecskйk elbъcsъztatva, lуdarazsak the kertbхl kiebrudalva, the village цsszes fejkendхs цregasszonya the manуk fingers kцrй screwed teledobбlva the stream gravel, the homokozу-swing-csъszda complex felйpнtve-beьzemelve the levelibйkбk megszбmlбlva the fьrdхpelenkбk elhasznбlva, our bellies knocked over, the firewood summed up, the fowl cut down, the neighbour's duck's nose fed, all the fifteen thousand steps of the town Esztergom munched on, stuffed down, stuffed.
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The demise of the title failed to come to life, so instead of the anesthetic music used in the evening anesthetic, the mother-father chamber choir was relentless.