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7 grueling sentences spoken by the New Father

7 grueling sentences spoken by the New Father

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How did the Father die during and after the birth? The birth of a baby from the baptism that you never believe in can provoke an astonishing and ridiculous reaction!

"Dad, don't say anything!"

Can the Dad really say that? The men below are very fortunate to have such a wife. These are 7 annoying sentences that came from the mouths of new dads just after their baby was born or just about to be born. (Attention, would-be Daddy! These sentences should never be pronounced after birth or midday!) "What did the doctor say when we could have sex again?"How are you gonna fuck for weeks and even months without sex? Your belly has just been crossed (cesarean section), but you're thinking about sex. Well, you have to deal with that. In your belly, a baby grew in size for 9 months, then came an emergency operation when you pushed the baby out of your belly and then sewed it. After such an exhausting intervention, do you really want to have sex? Let it regenerate. With that in mind."I'm so tired."Are you fat? Believe me, they're ten times more fat than you. Of course, baby care is not just for women - it's a fact. The man may be tired, but if you complain about it often, you will feel the need to do something to relax. You may feel that you have to be happy and reward yourself for taking your share of the (common!) Babies. Your couple is going through a very stressful period: your body is going through a tremendous change, your body is regenerating, and with it, milk production is now starting. His body is still far from old. He has no energy in these weeks. Later this will change, of course. But now you have to stop complaining. The following charcoal was shared with Momstimeout. The conversation between her and her husband was: "After I finally agreed to epidural anesthesia, the patient explained that she was feeling like a mute fellow. I've been given more epidurals. Believe me, it's not at all like a little game. Really very crazy! I was yelling at me: What's wrong with you? Why do you just say this to me when I get upset anyway? "Dad, it was very badly timed! But the father below didn't do anything. kуrhбzba. My brother just unloaded from the car before the town hall. I walked alone in the building, two floors up. All this because he didn't want to pay a parking fee to the hospital. "" Immediately after the cesarean section, my husband asked me for the noodle in the foot, could not lie down somewhere else to rest. "" My amniotic fluid ran out, but my husband asked me to wait until you see the Gladiator End. "" By Placenta letter, I was hospitalized at 34 weeks pregnant, and my husband said just that: calm down, nothing wrong."Even more interesting, funny, shocking sentences related to parenting: