Brothers and sisters: So bring up the youngest!

Brothers and sisters: So bring up the youngest!

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How does your child shape their lives, whether they have a sibling or not, or a sibling? Read what is characteristic of the smallest!

The smallest "last chance"

Х The one whose photos are not full of albums, the ones who wear the clothes that have been "taken off" by others, who get the most bulk, not in boxes. As a rule, this is the funniest, easiest, least anxious child. Couldn't be more, because parents are so tired of childcare, parenting, and so creative, creative that there is hardly any situation to catch on to them. even if the big one catches his hand, takes his games, or trumpets in his ear. Every child strengthens in the area over which his or her environment, even if unintentionally, directs him or her. The smallest gets the greatest pleasure from family members if it is baby, sweet, kind, and doesn't grow up too fast. because this is the last little thing, the last chancewho can be nurtured and supported.Well, the very little one knows very well that because it expands the environment and enjoys its benefits. However, while being kind, relaxed, and direct in adulthood, you can also learn to leave work, decisions, and decision-making "big" because they are "small". Many educators suggest that school is often the hardest thing with the "little ones".


It follows from the above that the youngest child is often not tired. He expects grown-ups or older brothers and sisters to help, and if you whine enough, do it for him. This is not only about shoe-dressing, changing, tidying up, but also writing a lesson. This may seem lazy, comfortable in the eyes of the outsider, but it may actually mask a lack of confidence. There's something else that bothers her: the production of her biggest brother. If we spend the big on the family smart, then there is nothing to do, this position is busy. Catching up would be irrelevant, it would be unnecessary to fight. You can get the attention you want with more clowning, malice, or extreme performance in some other area. But what about exceptionally good or at least diligent children? They choose another strategy: So think every time we have to kill the big onesthat they are accepted by the family and the wider environment. This can propel them to fantastic results, but it can also keep them from reaching their maximalism during adulthood, and of being permanently distrustful of themselves.

A public girl

Because it's almost never alone from a tiny age, someone always entertains it, and they expect a degree of community. There's no room for her, is always where the others are. This is sometimes difficult for the larger bodies, which can lead to recurring skirmishes. It can also develop frustrating tricks that you can successfully use as long as the assembly brawls. In this situation, it is most difficult to tell who started it. Better not be impressed.

What are you paying attention to?

Give him a task! Sometimes you should not think of it as the smallest, but rather look at age consciously! Give him or her tasks that you can solve according to your age: put on your socks, sweep three years, help you distribute even if you are there or bigger.

Külцn Society

Don't let it stick to the big one (s). Organize a separate company for him, including programs. You may like to be older in society. Do this, but only if the big one (s) are not disturbed.

One birthday, one birthday

Always only get a birthday gift for someone who has a birthday. The little one has to endure that sometimes he is not in the center, he is not celebrated, so he does not get a gift. Don't be obligated to share the gifts: what the birthday person gets is the owl! Х Decide whether to share with the little one.


Play games, create situations that show what you are up to. You don't have to be allowed to win in a gamble! But he does arrogate that in certain situations he does win in his own right. If you are fast, racing, if you are witty about words, you are foolish, you should be fastidious in your repertoire.Our parenting tips for other kids:
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