Signs of birth

Signs of birth

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Weeks, months, months, you carry it under your heart, and you can hardly wait to hold your child in your hand. However, the signs that indicate the onset of birth are often ambiguous. How do you know when to start a baby and when to go to the school?

What are the signs of birth?

According to the birth paper form, it is 280 days after fertilization. Less than a week before birth (usually until the 32nd week of pregnancy) the fetus turns around, upside down in your ideal parenting position. Interestingly enough, only 4 out of every 100 children arrive "exactly", most of them come before or after the calculated birth date.It's not clear exactly what triggers the baby more than one hormone sophisticated collection is needed to give birth. According to experts, the fetus releases hormones that stimulate the placenta to produce certain enzymes. These enzymes increase maternal estrogen, adrenaline and noradrenaline release. And the prostaglandin hormone produced by the honey is responsible for the softening, softening, and strengthening of the echinacea.

The most important signs before birth

The cork is missing

One to three days before childbirth, the mother's vagina is jelly-colored, colorless, pink or greyish-colored, with a blend of mild, bland cramp is missing.The cervical plug is the cervical produced cervix, which thickens during pregnancy to the effect of progesterone to protect the lining of the uterus from infection. Losing the cervical plug indicates that the mother's body is about to be born. The cervix is ​​sometimes absent from the mother's body at the moment of the loss of the amniotic fluid or during the expansion of the mammary body. It is because of the exhaustion that the cervical plug that is blocked during pregnancy is released. Post-cervical dislocation is characterized by increased vaginal responsiveness.

The cerebral palsy

At birth, the weight of the baby overloads the uterus, and the first contractions begin, and the cervix softens and smoothes. Initially, they are similar to those found during pregnancy (Braxton-Hicks contractions), and then to those of oxytocin and prostaglandin. more and more frequent, regular will. Cervical fatigue on average 8-12 уrбig It is regular before the birth begins sacral or cervical butterflies They may occur. Shortening of the cervix and lengthening of the mammary gland can occur without pain, in which case only the uterus can determine the functioning of the mammary gland by internal examination. While many babies are already a month or two open before birth, this is just another indication of the onset of butter, It is basically basal and features a sensation radiating to the sacrum direction with waistline.

The fetal envelope ruptures

The cervix is ​​under pressure during the cephalopods. When the mucus is almost completely filled, the envelope spontaneously ruptures.When protecting the fetus envelope ruptures, the fluid in it, the amniotic fluid flows out. Some only leak, others flow abundantly and, unlike urine, cannot be retained. In the meantime, a reminder of the beginning of menstruation occurs. Water draining may stop because the baby's head is lower, rising, and blocking the passage of water. Fetal membrane rupture is unintentional, unpredictable, painless, and not coordinated with the nodules that sometimes appear after the fetal membrane ruptures, sometimes with only a slight urn. Cracking is not always straightforward, because if the fetal membrane is cracked high, the drainage may be flowing or dripping urine. Fortunately, there are several letters indicating amniotic fluid that can unequivocally justify the appearance of amniotic fluid. If the fluid is dull or green in color, it is very important that you receive specialist medical attention and supervision as soon as possible. The fluid is sampled in the hospital to identify a potential pathogen. The green color of the amniotic fluid may indicate that the child has a fetal fetus, one of the possible causes of which is oxygen deficiency. This usually happens when the baby wants to give birth, but is completely immature and unable to move properly.

Strong, regular, thicker shoulders, elongated cobwebs

The muscles of the bee contract, which at first resembled menstrual cramps, but over time they become stronger, longer and more regular. It feels like a poisonous wave that starts at the bottom of the waist and squeezes the abdomen, but it can also appear as a fibroid. The nodules not everyone is the same they develop: they may be painful at the outset of the onset, or they may gradually become painful. The idх mъlбsбval the keresztcsonttуl kiindulу erхs цsszehъzуdбsok, gцrcsцk more often, more regularly jelentkeznek.A fбjбsok йs erхteljesebben initially held kцrьlbelьl 25-30 mбsodpercig, йs szйp, gradually hosszabbб vбlnak (as opposed to jуslуfбjбsokkal that bнrnak irregular length, йs much rцvidebbek). Vйgьl akбr elhъzуdik is 60 mбsodpercig a fбjбs.A mйhцsszehъzуdбsok you have already weeks, hуnapokkal the szьlйs may elхtt also бm these jуslуfбjбsok up to be unpleasant йs always irregular, rцvidek a уra under leforgбsa up to nйgyszer ismйtlхdnek.A jуslуfбjбsok (Braxton-Hicks kontrakciуk) - as opposed to genuine parenting - they are relocating or relocating. Prуba suspected: for example, if you have been lying down for a while, wake up, walk and watch your body. If the phlegm gradually disappears, then you have only practiced your body, it is not the baby yet. Just as the honeysuckle fibers are shortened in the time of the hunts, so do the cervids. The concussions press on the fetus head to the uterus, and its extension is further extended. The cavernous, many-slashed phobia gradually smooths out. When the first child starts to run out of sleep, he usually does not stop. However, with the birth of an overwhelming child, fatigue often stops and then restarts, even during the day. These blindfolds can be annoying, but it is definitely worth consulting a doctor if you have a spark of suspected parenting.


Unexpected, severe bleeding refers mainly to premature ejaculation. The mйhlepйny йs kцldцkzsinуr the task of oxigйnben dъs vйrt йs tбpanyagokat szбllнtsanak testйbхl the mother of the fetus fejlхdх felй and then send back to the mother keletkezх mellйktermйkeket vйrkeringйsйbe, which are more or kьlvilбgba kerьlnek.Autуbalesetek esйsek kцvetkeztйben the mйhlepйny idх elхtt levбlhat the mйh falбrуl . If the epilepsy is small and only mild vaginal bleeding is experienced, the fluid and bed rest are ordered for the mother. looking at it as well. If erхs abdominal fбjdalmat or bх, sцtйt szнnы hьvelyi vйrzйst experiencing, valуszнnыleg sьrgхssйgi ellбtбsra, may be csбszбrmetszйsre szьksйg.A mйhlepйnylevбlбs also can develop spontбn mуdon if an upgrade is terhessйgrхl szу, йs the mother kьzdцtt you have already korбbban is this problйmбval and twins vбr a mother in law. Different health problems (such as high blood pressure and diabetes), as well as smoking, alcohol and alcohol consumption can increase the risk of having a leaflet.

Other birth signs

Everything is turned upside down

Mom saw everything. Surprisingly, this is also true in the case of childbirth: the unconscious mother keeps the birth of birth, so she is more excited about finsecracker in est. Bar - add - this is just as typical for expectant moms for the next 9 months. And this is done by arranging baby clothes, toys, home furnishings, decorating, and getting baby accessories.

Log is tummy

Experts who are already experienced in pregnancy will examine the shape of the tummy tuck of a pregnant woman, especially when the date of birth is nearing completion. This is not accidental. Approx. At 6 weeks, the baby is "falling off", causing the viscous "sulky" shape of the tummy to change visibly - it falls. This is already a clear sign of birth for some relatives, friends and acquaintances in the subject.Related articles:
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