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It can lead to learning difficulties when little sunlight hits your baby

It can lead to learning difficulties when little sunlight hits your baby

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It affects the development of the fetus's brain by how much sunshine a baby is exposed to in the first trimester.

Pregnant children who are not exposed to sunlight during pregnancy may be less likely to learn, with more recent chances of learning, according to the latest research, which can lead to learning difficulties. Researchers examined 422,000 school-age children in Scotland and found that low levels of UVB radiation - not UVA radiation - during pregnancy to bring it together with lesser learning difficulties.

Is Vitamin D A Ludwig?

Because only low levels of UVB radiation affect this, not UVA levels, researchers believe the problem may be caused by inadequate vitamin D maintenance. This is because vitamin D uptake occurs in the first trimester essential for the proper development of the brain by the fetus.

That is why the time of conception was important

The proportion of children with learning difficulties in the study varied depending on the month of conception. While for children conceived in July, this rate was 17%, it was conceived in February, March or April - when less sunlight - 21%. However, research has not been able to establish a causal relationship.- Learning difficulties can cause life-long problems for both children and their parents. The purpose of our research was to have few children this can also help you prevent learning difficulties said research director Jill Pell, director of the Glasgow University Institute of Health. The university said in a press release that the next step in clinical trials would be to prove whether taking vitamin D during pregnancy could reduce the risk of developing learning difficulties (VIA).Related links:


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