Our first Christmas with the baby

Our first Christmas with the baby

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Infants are already sensing our mood. Let's change ourselves, and therefore the festive stress of shopping, cooking and cooking!

Now she is getting a lot of pleasant stimuli, so she is developing rapidly. All sense organs give something a gift for christmas: ringing, soft christmas tunes, candle light, sparkling glass decorations, zippy colored wrapping paper, velvet ribbons, touching festive dresses, New stimuli most of all. We devote enough time to admire the woods. Take it in our arms and visit the wood several times a day. Carefully guide the small hands to the needles so you can feel a little filter. Let's give each one a gift, then hang it back on the tree to notice it's something not a simple toy. We can think about whether we put the same traditional gifts over the years, or change everything. The little ones love stability, the tradition, but they also enjoy the surprises, because it's exciting to figure out what the tree will be like every year.

Too much for youll

From the age of two, sensual impressions have something worth celebrating. A nice picture book to help tell the story of Bethlehem. The buyer or home assembled Bethlehem figurine you can easily revive your events. It is not too much to get a happy Christmas for him, but the other way around, we can easily ruin our luck. On holidays, you usually get too much for jew: food, gifts, supplies. The little kid doesn't ask for a festive menu, and now he has no more patience to hang around the table than he once did. If you have not consumed ice cream before, you do not need to get used to it. Don't give her some new food these daysand the smaller ones than the one-year-old, especially what's going on in their mouths. enough one-two packages, don't get accustomed to claiming it. Don't ask the bigger one what the angel will do, so let this remain a surprise. The more things you take away from the little one, the less you can play with them, admire them, and you won't be able to play with them. Is it better to spend on good quality than on quantity.Will we spend the sacred or sacred family funeral? You're about to get ready for the army! Of course, not only for the festive menu, as we also have to keep in mind the little one. Where will the ready-to-be baby be, beneath the feet of the fathers? Or will we be hand-to-hand? What does it offer to many rarely seen archives? Get ready for a vendor deal family help. Not a baby, we need to prove our housekeeping skills with a small child! During the celebration of love, we must pay particular attention to the fact that externalities do not distract us from the family.

Once the Christmas is gone

We also have to think that the holidays will pass once. The little one will be greatly missed by the Christmas tree (not just him). His place in the apartment will be empty, looking for the kind jewels he has been making. If you can, take a small root tree, plant it in the garden. Mind is part of life, the more natural this is, the more comfortable the baby will be. Explain, even if you do not understand, that you will be Christmas. It is a nice habit to have family photoshoot under the Christmas tree: Year after year, we can see our trees, our family members. If we bring this year's pictures to the future, we'll be amazed at how big our child has grown.

Our first Christmas with the baby

What's your name?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this request, as it is Age and the interest of the child fьgg. Early autumn, clothes appear in the clothes under the tree. Parents with small children have some time to think, as they are surprised by the small details, and we have no easy task. Experienced parents with multiple children have foreseen the downside of a Christmas gift. We have to choose very carefully, and do not deserve to enter into a secret union with relatives - at least for the occasion - in order to use objects that are suitable for the child's age and abilities.

Only good quality!

I will never forget the Christmas when my two little sons received a wonderful packet of doodles. The package was big and suggestive. It had two bottles, two blackboards with chalk, a flute and a metal recorder. Telitalбlat. But it turned out inside three days: the top of the water bottle could not be opened with only a hand, but only with a tooth, and the lips inside. The blackboard was made of glossy plastic, scratched by chalk, but left no trace. The sound of the flute is false (but very much) and the metallophone is falling apart. Nothing from the wonderful package can be used: a whole bunch of junk. Because musicians come from a family, I was most frustrated by the uselessness of the flute. At the game store, where I made the mistake, they just said, it was not a musical instrument, but a musical one. If I want an instrument, go to the instrument store. That this thing I hold in my hands, by the time I could not answer. I have promised to be rather small from now on, but you have a good time they get my kids. After that, we coordinate with the other family members and add the money to something that really gets the kids happy. Before the age of one, the baby doesn't have to play with it. For me, the presence of her mother is not so much a toy as it is really important. Of course, such a tiny baby is playing, but it requires no more than voice, hands, feet, and a partner who talks to him, sings him, rocks him, rocks him, and leaves him if necessary. We can buy good quality comfortable clothes for small size. However, the offer has no significance, it will not be damaged.After the age of one year, our baby is already crouching, using the toys. Let's create an environment that encourages a child to work. This requires a large, safe space and appropriate toys. At this age, the greatest consideration is to buy something that will play by itself. not to mention that all of the family members will cure the boredom-repeated single melodies or deafening sirens. It is much better for everyone to have some soft balls, rolling varieties, bobbin-pleats among the recommendations. fragile component, sharp edge.When our baby starts to sleep and then toddlers, he enjoys helyvбltoztatбs mj mуdjait. You give a kid such a big one a hooded mattress, a little tent where you can go, or a safe slide. We can make a real playground out of the kid's room - but be careful not to be cluttered up, and to stay relaxed and playful. After one year, many little things are passionate about riding a small motor, a car - inside and outside the house. Before you buy a toy, make sure you choose the right size for your child and choose a model that won't easily topple over. At most ages, most kids start to wonder about housework. Boys and girls are equally worth a dime, a little badger, a flat, a set of pots. Here too, the greatness of the child is important. Most small-sized cleaning tools are designed with a short handle that the child cannot grip with two hands. But she wants to emulate her. It's worth investigating until we find the right one. You can also get the seedling with a small set of enameled pots, which really can ruin the food made by the seedling. Two or three children get a taste of the art every year. We can use thick pencils, scratches, fingerprints for little paint, and large, wall-hung paper. This will make your little artist happy, and you will also learn where to draw and where not to draw.

+1 tips for all ages: Get to know the arts

Last but not least, let's talk music, books. Luckily, there are lots of very nice ones for the little ones with sound recordings, sleeping pills, naps, simple, nice, easy-to-learn tunes. Likewise, you can find valuable, crafted children's books, from leporella to educational publications. These can be collected from birth on to the little ones, and can be taken in line as they change. There are two things to keep in mind. One: separate the shit from the wheat. The only thing we need to do is introduce children to demanding, classy music, literature, and the world of art. The other thing is that we do not use books and music at this age, instead of maternal attention. Even the little school needs parents to tell him to sing, to make music, and especially to talk. There are no bigger or more valuable gifts.

Handbook for festive preparation

- On the first Sunday in December, we gather the first candle in Advent koszorъn. The weekly little candlesticks indicate that we are getting closer to the holiday again. When it comes to shopping, nothing in the shops can be so scary. In any case, if you are too hesitant to dare to buy what you like, considering that we might find a nicer, even more practical gift, get ready for the rest in time. Starting next month, you can get your cooking ingredients: flour, sugar, oil, diet, mocha, cocoa, drinks… We need to count on how many vendors.- Come on! Where the family is big, let's clarify in time how we meet who goes to whom. For dinner, dinner, duvet? Young families, where the first child has just been born, are slowly coming off their parents on Christmas Eve. We want to create some Christmas, our own traditions. If we word it diplomatically and offer alternatives to the meeting, they will not be offended. It is important that we have suggestions, do not believe grandparents want to exclude them from celebration - If you give your home a decor, give it time to clean up, decorate. We decorate the Christmas tree fronts, check the heaven, figure out what the family of oblivion wears on the holidays. We can also create traditions, because celebrating with young children is not necessarily a celebration like a multi-generational family where children have almost grown up.- Staying with children and staying during the holidays! It would be sad if, in the midst of the great cooking and shopping, we were just forgotten. Do not forcefully do your job! Accept it, and even ask for help. There is no rich, special dinner that makes a mother tired of tiredness and excitement that the little ones go through. "As I grew out of childhood, it was important, but as a year passed again, I grew older. And then the holidays shone through. We became more and more devastated by the tree. I could thank the children for having my heart warmed again. mainly about yourself.School of patience, care, empathy, discipline, determination, self-sacrifice it's a couple of years to spend with the kids, because you never forget that you really only have a couple of years, because we have to let go of them afterwards, and if we do a good job, then we can win. However, in the meantime, let us open our hearts to them, let them go and take us to the Fantasy Empire, let them spell their laughter, their thoughts, their thoughts, in the last days, And after all they fly alone. Then we too must learn to live again, and everything will be calm again. Probably too ... "
Dyke of Nyikanya Keaky, Forest Garden

The tree!

During the festive emergency rotation increased caution will be needed. Our temporarily rearranged room also needs to be baby-safe. It is advisable to buy finer spiny, less crazy normannic pine so that it does not strain any small child that may run into it. You can see the pine on the floor more closely, but in this case you can only hang up to a large number of paper, wood, straw and plastic poles. You can't "pine" the pine on the table, nor do you see it properly, but you can pull the pine on you. unleash the tree more than one line with a fishing line so you can't die! Hide the bulb connector or plugged in socket and protect it with touch protection. Do not leave the child alone near a burning candle for a minute. Place the oil-rich, hot food in the middle of the table to prevent it from boiling.They may also be interested in: