Free vaccinations for babies who are planning a baby are also good

Free vaccinations for babies who are planning a baby are also good

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The flu season is about to begin, so it's worthwhile to have flu protection in the coming weeks. Who has the vaccine for free?

One of the most important factors in the protection against influenza is vaccination, which not only reduces the risk of catching the disease, but also the likelihood and severity of possible events. The professionals are just now advise everyone to file a defense. However, some groups have increased risk, so they have free access to defense. According to the information on the BNTSZ website, around 1.3 million vaccines are at risk at this time.Many people can get free protection

Who can get free vaccination?

Among adults receive free defense among others over the age of 60, people with chronic conditions (eg asthma patients, diabetics, people with cancer), health workers. Because influenza is an increased risk for pregnant mothers, as it can endanger the fetus, toddlers can apply for vaccinations without hesitation, as do women planning to have a baby for the flu season.For patients with chronic diseases, kidneys, diabetics, patients with long-term hospital care, children aged 6 months to less than 3 years should receive a free health care list.Also worth reading:
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