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Healthy Belly for KidsFruit delicious, no added sugar

Healthy Belly for KidsFruit delicious, no added sugar

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We soon learned that it would not be worthwhile to go out with my kids without a drink or something.

When I didn't have kids, my mothers were a bit crazy about going to a small walkway, movie theater, shopping or shopping. When Aztбn megszьlettek quickly rбjцttьnk to szьksйgьnk is a XXXL mйretы, bottomless tбskбra, which termйszetesen contained only legszьksйgesebb tъlйlх felszerelйst: tцrlхkendхt, pelenkбt, pelenkбzу alбtйtet, vбltуruhбt, textilpelust, csцrgхs jбtйkot, kйsхbb homokozу felszerelйst, napvйdхt, band-aid, fertхtlenнtх kendхt , raincoat, cardigan, favorite toy, sun cream ... And we also learned quickly that drinking (tea, water) and something without a spit is not worth the start, because he has eaten, If you don't want to stuff your kids with sweetness at this time, it's worth making something healthier with snacks, fruits, sweetbreads, or anything with that banana. It was also a snack and a fire.


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • delicious oatmeal (about one bun)
  • Pears or apples: grated
  • Only this three consents are needed

    Thoroughly beat the banana with a fork, then go for the oatmeal and grated apple. It is good if it is dry but not too dry and not too wet.

    Wash and mix the ingredients!

    Using a small spoon, cover the baking sheet with the baking paper, which must be greased first, otherwise we will not be able to remove the biscuits properly. At 190 degrees for 15-20 minutes, it starts to blush a bit. From this dose, approx. There will be 12 soft biscuits.

    Remember to oil the baking paper before baking!

    The original recipe: // author runs a blog with the title "The Smell of Sunshine" but you find also on Facebook
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