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What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

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Although there are many probiotics to choose from today, it is worth paying attention to exactly what ingredients are included in this formulation. Combined with a prebiotic, treatment is even more effective.

What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

Probably everyone has heard of probiotics, if not, then certainly in the advertisements. We also recommend probiotic supplements during diarrhea or antibiotics, as they support our healing process. Adults, children can consume both, and even pregnant women and nursing mothers do not have to give up these drugs. But do we know what probiotics really are?Fun effective bacteria billions in our body: these are probiotics. Their job is to help the processing of nutrients, strengthen our immune system and even produce vitamins. Probiotics are so essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Bacteria also feed

However, for these tiny bacteria to do their job properly, that is, to function well, to reproduce, and to exert long-lasting benefits, they also need nutrition! What can such a small beast eat? This bacteria feeds on substances - prebiotics - that are indigestible to us, especially oligosaccharides. If these do not occur in sufficient amounts in our diets, then probiotics will practically starve and produce symptoms. But you know that prebiotics not only is mammalian organization, but pathogens are not able to break it down, so probiotics do not have to compete with them to obtain proper nutrition.

You may need to upgrade

One of the best known and most effective prebiotics is FOS, which is known under the scientific name fructo-oligosaccharide. If you do not eat well enough, you may not have enough FOS in your diet, so you may need a lot of probiotic attention today. The information on the box makes it clear what ingredients the drug contains, such as whether it contains FOS. If the answer is yes, we can rest assured that the beneficial bacteria do not simply enter the body, but also find the nutrients they need to reproduce and have long-lasting effects.

Together it is more effective

Probiotic formulations that contain a prebiotic are also called synbiotics. Although the use of both probiotics and prebiotics is beneficial in itself, the physiological effect of synbiotics is, not surprisingly, even more significant.
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