Do you exercise again after diet? Get to the gym!

Do you exercise again after diet? Get to the gym!

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Although obesity is the main cause of the disease, as most of the threats are linked to the metabolic syndrome, there are several risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease.

Losing weight can help increase our health and reduce the risk. However, many people struggle to keep this weight for longer. Researchers at the University of Missouri have found that people prone to weight loss, if exercised regularly, can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.
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playback "Keeping the weight off long without regular exercise is extremely rare," said Shana Warner, a medical student. "It's important to know that we need to look at other factors besides our body weight to help maintain our health. Our research has shown that regular exercise can help keep our body healthy and healthy."
The study consisted of 2 parts: simulated actual weight loss and refinement in the first part, and overweight and obliterated participants presented with a diet of 4-6 diets per week. For the second half of the study, participants returned 50 percent of their weight. During the return period, participants participated in 45-minute training sessions 3 times a week.
Researchers have found that exercising during weight lifting has a positive effect on health: diabetes, heart disease and other heart disease also play a role in reducing it. Participants emphasized a decrease in body fat, circulatory power, systolic blood pressure, and other factors. Their muscles are also strengthened. However, abdominal fat loss has not been reported.

It is not always easy to hold weight with a child

Further research in this study will be completed this year. Researchers have found that aerobic exercise reduces the risk factors for chronic diseases. These studies are among the first to investigate the effect of exercise on health in recovering excess weight.
The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension.