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If you just don't think about it, you're very tired, but your kid keeps snapping, and you want to suck on it for the tenth time, these distracting games are great for distraction and fun.


Obstacle in the apartment

Make all kinds of stuff at home: cushions (jump or jump), sponge (to roll over, fall over), narrow (to rest) her father, carrying a stroller on her head, carrying some kind of stuffed animal); If you manage to complete the pass at least twice, you can hook your own finger up to your neck.


Collect a part of the stuff and collect it! The child can be a veterinarian, put him in a small box of dressing gowns, scarves, cotton swabs, empty eye drops or nasal spray bottle, disposable syringe, tweezers, toy scalpels. Collect all herbs in small boxes. They can be to drink drinks they can also be used for animals or shots. You can be the owner of a sick, sick animal in the game and take your pet to the vet.

Autumn islands

It is best to play on the terrace in the fireplace or in the rain on the kitchen table. Put down a big picture, half filled with water. Make household candles or colored candles, matches. Collect the candle with the child, show that the fire must be wary, for it is burning, hot. By immersing the candle in water, you can show how the water extinguishes the fire. With another candle, you can grow a growing island dripping on the water, tiny animals can travel around the island. You can play different colors waxes. Heading over the Autumn Islands, you can control from one side of the dish to the other.


Attach the clothes pins to the most prominent areas of your home or garden, much more so that they are taller, but visible and within reach. Give the child a basket, encourage him to collect it. Is it worth it? Then they are the biggest clipper in the world!

What is this noise?

Take it when it's so big that you feel it and your head pops out! Hide a not-so-loud pocket or MP3 player somewhere in the apartment, and encourage your child to find, feel, and hear about some strange noise! Not as light as it looks!

What's in the box?

This requires some precaution, even months before the intended use. Have three blank, possibly different shoe boxes, and start with It is interesting to collect items. In our case, a number of interesting things that are relatively new and completely harmless to a child are: for example, pocket, old cell phone, scribbled household machine, foam, video cassette, cassette, interesting. You can also increase your inventory with games that have been taken out of the home circle for a while, so you have forgotten it and you can use it again. When there is an emergency, take one of the boxes and give it to the child to play with. You'll be amazed at how much it will take you if you have a good look at the repertoire.
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