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12 points for baby dolls

12 points for baby dolls

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If the two stings on the pregnancy test are over, your whole life will change, including your diet. What are the most important rules to follow?

Here are 12 suggestions you will make to become a healthy mom who won't have to worry about overpowering!

1. Eat Variety!

With your excitement, your energy requirement increases by 15 percent. This means that you need to eat 2-300 calories more, which is recommended by eating healthy, nutritious foods. Contains 300 calories per kilo of apples, two bananas or half a liter of milk.

2. Eat twice a day, often!

If you leave too much time between meals, you may become so hungry that you will eat far more than you need at the same time. Follow the 3-3.5 daily meals and you will not overload your stomach with this regular diet.

3. Only eat small quantities at a time!

If you don't spend too much on a meal, you probably won't be able to eat large quantities at the same time, as your health and blood sugar levels can be more balanced, and you don't have to worry about eating a wolf. Eating small amounts can help you avoid stomach problems!

4. Avoid puffs and puffs!

Fibers play a major role in enhanced gasification. It is worth reducing your carbohydrate intake, as the slow digestion also gives you more time to eat in the large intestine, so the bacteria you have there also have a longer time to eat. However, it is recommended to avoid the classic puffed meals; onions, "k-letter greens" - (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc.) or beans should only be added in modest quantities…

5. Consume dairy products regularly!

Milk and dairy products should be consumed because of increased calcium, white and vitamin D requirements. Live yoghurts are also good for digestion.

6. Fresh fruit, raw salad, greens several times a day!

If possible, consume green meals for all meals, preferably raw, with salads. You and your baby need some nutrients and fruits rich in minerals and vitamins. If you are not a big fan of green, make sure to consult with your cuneiform doctor, your home doctor, and look for the right nutritional supplement for you.

Fruit consumption during pregnancy is very important

7. Hairline Choose Flesh!

Maternity is not the time for piggyback stays… Instead, you recommend leaner meats and fish at least once a week. The fish contain a number of valuable nutrients that help the baby's healthy development.

8. Use Light Souls!

We need a lot of salt because it helps the body's fluid control in a reasonable amount. Excessive consumption, on the other hand, increases the cost of baby and water. Souzz cow, but in March! Avoid heavy crunching, high sodium content in high-pressure drinking water. Enhance your food with a little light cooking with spices or lemon juice. Delicious meals can be prepared by using dried caraway, oregano, parsley or turkey instead of the usual meals!

9. Use olive oil instead of sunflower oil!

Olive oil is not only healthier but also smoother than the sunflower oil used in everyday life. Not to mention it contains a lot of useful vitamins for you and your baby!

10. Forget the white bread!

It is important that you diet rich in fiber during your pregnancy! For breakfast, replace white bread with rosemary or dandruff, or oatmeal. These foods are high in fiber and also rich in vitamin B.

11. Turn off the sugar!

If you are refreshing, you won't have to give up on delicacies during pregnancy, you just have to "reform" your past favorites ... use white flour instead of oatmeal or almond flour and xylitol or erythritol instead of sugar.

12. The best drink is pure water!

With calories and sugary fruit juices, your body has plenty of empty calories! Do not get excess calories into your body through drinking, but rather pure water, which is best for your thirst. Also worth reading:
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