Only water and gravel!

Only water and gravel!

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If you are into nature, forget about home games! Let's show our kids what we can do with the treasures of nature.

Only water and gravel!


The smallest ones are fascinated to watch as the stones are immersed in the water, as more and more circles ring in the water, and then the water becomes smooth again. How far do we bend the stone? And who can find the fall wood or plastic wall? And with flat stones, the bigger ones can "duck".


Let's dip it in the water, then we'll block it out of the rocks, the swimming pool. We can also avoid a small habit. Dads also like to take part in it and book small items for a long time.


If we carry a box of colored chalk with us, we can transform the larger gray stones into colorful creations. What did you find in each of these interesting shapes? It's like a sole, this is a snuff ...


Fold the paper towel over and release it to water. Thick, glossy surface paper does not read so quickly. Observe the water drift. A small boat can be a bigger leaf, a dime, but a small parent can make a small raft, a ferry, or a milk carton. And who's the captain? A cone does it!

Reality development games

Put a flat stone on your head and try to get farther away without falling. Let's put some smaller pebbles on a turner. With our toes, we hold them one by one and buckle them.
- Playful stones
- Cure improvement, of course


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