Funny Drawings: That is the effect of breastfeeding on your breasts

Funny Drawings: That is the effect of breastfeeding on your breasts

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If you are breastfeeding, you will certainly notice that your breasts have changed. If you want to laugh about a good thing, check out the illustrations in the perfectly illustrated drawings.

Breastfeeding will have an effect on your breasts

The drawings on parents.com are cruelly honest, yet funny about the truth about how breastfeeding mothers change their breasts. Laugh at the drawings too!Before pregnancyPretty tight tits, petite, hard, with nipples pointing up. Who needs a sponge bra?During pregnancyBreasts are only for women and for women, do not be surprised if your couple can't take their eyes off roulad.Breastfeeding Sometimes blue, sometimes with soft breasts, lightly colored, with inflamed nipples and thick blue veins. But your roles are more important than ever in your life.After breast-feedingThe hellish spaniel ears ... it makes it harder to describe what your breasts look like after parting. And where did the dumbass nipples go? Yeah, they are down there somewhere, magnified, always pointing to Delhi's office. Brilliant, funny, yet tragic images, right? But don't be fooled, millions of them are surviving the same thing. These are just boobs. You fed your baby, your baby, you gave them as much as you could. If you're over breastfeeding, it's time to get one of two cute push-up bras, you'll see, do wonders with your breasts, and you'll feel confident again.They may also be interested in:
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